We’ll miss you Dan

So this whole blogging thing isn’t working so well, mostly because I’m very self-conscious about my writing.  After attending both a high school and a college with relatively strong reputations for writing, I feel like I should be a good writer, but I’m also clearly not.  In any case, I figure if I put things up here I can at least claim to be blogging, but no one knows about my blog so I’m still safe.  Now then, to the meat of this post: a 2-month old, divergent, crappy explanation of why Community is going to suck without Dan Harmon.  Please go easy on me…

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Hello, World!

And so begins my illustrious blogging career.  I’m not sure who would/will read this, and I feel incredibly self-conscious writing about myself so I’ll just dive in.

While it’s not a new game, Flower remains one of my favorites.  The simplicity of the controls, the bright colors, the music, it all lends itself to an incredibly zen vibe.  There are no characters, no epic story, just the wind, the field and the flowers.  No matter my mood, after a level or so (especially the first two) I always feel calmer and less-stressed.  That has been incredibly useful recently.

While it’s something I knowingly signed up for, Graduate School is incredibly stressful.  I regularly go to bed after 4 am, have class at 9 am, and little time for a nap in between.  Cooking takes time (and cooking for one is among the most depressing activities I’ve encountered), so usually I’ll eat cheap take-out or pizza for lunch and dinner.  Homework is highly challenging and takes most of my time that isn’t spent teaching or grading, which means no time for exercise and little time to hang out or play videogames.  Pleasure reading has also disappeared.  Ultimately, this brings me to the reason behind this blog.  Without a lot of the things that define me (reading, fencing, videogames, etc.) I felt that writing about them would somehow allow me to reassert and maintain those aspects of myself.  Because of that, you can expect little about my life or grad school on these pages (though research may be reported, and science in general will definitely play a factor).  I can’t say what you should expect, but I’ll try to keep it interesting.

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